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Due Diligence – Sealing the M&A Deal

In a merger or acquisition transaction, the ability to swiftly possess content leading to a strong negotiable rate gives your acquisition team a strong advantage over other bidders in this time-intensive process. Due to this need, due diligence is not a matter that should be overlooked. Due diligence, the process of an acquirer reviewing an … Read more

Strategizing to Control Unstructured Information Part 2 – Planning For Maximum Benefits

Strategizing for Implementation As highlighted in part 1 of our “Strategizing To Control Unstructured Information” blog series, ECM provides a variety of aspects that help your organization meet compliance, minimize redundant data, automate processes, and reduce storage costs. While these opportunities for enhancing your business can pave a path towards a successful future, a great … Read more

Strategizing to Control Unstructured Information Part 1 – The Benefits of ECM

Managing Unstructured Information We live in a world where data is doubling every two years. It is no surprise that CIOs are seeking to find ways of controlling this ever-growing pool of information, as nearly 80% to 90% of their data is unstructured. The earlier companies are able to manage unstructured data, the more compounding … Read more