Daryl O. Blackwell

Senior Managing Partner, President and CEO

Dr. Blackwell founded Axyon Consulting in 2003 and has more than 26 years of experience in Information Technology and Human Operations.

He has extensive experience and knowledge in the industries of energy, technology, defense and security and continues to act as senior advisor for several companies. During his tenure with such companies as Texas Instruments, IBM, Raytheon, and Pinkerton Investigations, Dr. Blackwell fostered his reputation for a common-sense and customer-empowerment approach.  Dr. Blackwell's expertise focuses on the aspects of content and data successful pairing with work-force activity to expand customer capabilities and competitive advantage. 

Prior to launching Axyon, Dr. Blackwell was a partner and Chief Information Officer for Texas Commercial Energy — where he was instrumental in developing the technical and business aspects to align with the employees in turn allowing the company to grow in first year revenues to $96 million and $360 million in the second year.  Dr. Blackwell holds a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree from Lamar University, a Doctoral Degree from Missouri State University and is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University School of Applied Sciences.