Kristi Fruge

Senior Partner, VP Business Solutions

Kristi is an Axyon Consulting co-founder, Senior Partner and VP of Business Solutions with more than 13 years in technology and business consulting.

Kristi directs Axyon's development and implementation efforts for all Business Solution initiatives.  Her unique combination of extensive business solution experience and fresh, innovative thinking allows Axyon to provide our customers with successful solutions that meet their specific needs. 

Kristi's expertise includes design and development management of enterprise business solutions, web-based business solutions, financial forecasting, business analytics, and cost reporting recognition. She holds extensive experience in the industries of telecommunications, energy, and consumer goods.


Kristi is also well known within the Texas electric utility market for her expertise in establishing industry solutions that provide detailed financial measurements for retail electric providers. Kristi holds a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin.