Business Partner - Ashland Letter

Ashland Letter

Focus on Client Needs


Dear Kristi: 

On behalf of Ashland and the Business Process Excellence group, we are writing to express our appreciation to Axyon for the assistance provided during the installation of the Open Text Content Server. We are also grateful for your help in configuring the pilot implementation of our Vendor Contract Management application. Your consultants provided us with a very enjoyable working experience while helping us to successfully meet our project goals.

Specifically, we were impressed by the following: 

      • Focus on Ashland's Needs - The Axyon consulting team provided honest feedback and advice that was definitely motivated by the success of the project. It was clear that the team focused on providing a solution that met Ashland's requirements rather than on "scoring future sales" with Ashland.

      • Willing to Provide General Advice & Expertise - At no time did we feel as if our questions were considered "out of bounds" or that they strayed outside of the project scope. Although the team kept to the project plan, they were very helpful in answering any general questions we had about Open Text and ECM. This was especially true on the technical side, where the Axyon team's expertise allowed them to act as a liaison between Ashland and Open Text support.

      • Great Communication - The Axyon team established a rapport with both the Ashland project team and the process owners that greatly facilitated getting the work not only done but done well. This inspired confidence and buy-in from both key stakeholders and end-users. Formalized communication was also offered and used effectively, with project status reports and discussions held on a regular basis.

      • Delivered to Budget - The Ashland team's cost concerns were well respected by the Axyon team, and the project came in within projections without any noticeable impact on quality.


These qualities have left the Ashland team with a very favorable view of Axyon. We look forward to any projects that provide us the opportunity to work together in the future.



Director, Business Process Excellence