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How Safe is your data?

Data Encryption in EIM solutions When using any software application, data is transferred from one place to another – email, internet browsing, saving a file to a network share. All of these processes require that bits get moved across a wire. And, yes, even if you implement a wireless network, those same bits are exposed. … Read more

Due Diligence – Sealing the M&A Deal

In a merger or acquisition transaction, the ability to swiftly possess content leading to a strong negotiable rate gives your acquisition team a strong advantage over other bidders in this time-intensive process. Due to this need, due diligence is not a matter that should be overlooked. Due diligence, the process of an acquirer reviewing an … Read more

Strategizing to Control Unstructured Information Part 2 – Planning For Maximum Benefits

Strategizing for Implementation As highlighted in part 1 of our “Strategizing To Control Unstructured Information” blog series, ECM provides a variety of aspects that help your organization meet compliance, minimize redundant data, automate processes, and reduce storage costs. While these opportunities for enhancing your business can pave a path towards a successful future, a great … Read more

Strategizing to Control Unstructured Information Part 1 – The Benefits of ECM

Managing Unstructured Information We live in a world where data is doubling every two years. It is no surprise that CIOs are seeking to find ways of controlling this ever-growing pool of information, as nearly 80% to 90% of their data is unstructured. The earlier companies are able to manage unstructured data, the more compounding … Read more

End of Support for OpenText Content Suite 10.5

Support for Content Suite 10.5 is ending. Are you prepared? At the end of February of next year, OpenText will officially end sustaining maintenance of all version 10.5 software platforms. This includes Content Server, Archive Server, Enterprise Connect, Directory Services, Extended ECM, and Imaging Enterprise Scan. No further patches, services packs, or feature requests will … Read more

Advantages of having a Records Management System

Having a records management system in place has several benefits, including faster traceability and established regulatory compliance. Companies can ensure that their employees have complete and timely access to documentation in a cost-effective manner. The following are 10 benefits of establishing a records management program in your company: 1.      Control of Record Growth and Versioning … Read more