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Avoiding Institutional Memory Loss

In a prior blog, implications of employee turnover were discussed with emphasis on retaining institutional knowle. This blog presents an example of where claims and legal case matter files were managed by an employee requiring input and oversight from other senior team members but the process and business records were siloed with little transparency. While … Read more

Employee Turnover: Plan for the Inevitable

Blog Highlights Employee turnover is inevitable Turnover and tenure vary with generational cohort, industry, skill level Valuable institutional knowledge is lost and productivity declines before an employee leaves Important business documents, content, and processes are often known best by the departing employee Strategize and act proactively to maximize business continuity through business analysis, documenting processes … Read more

How Safe is your data?

Data Encryption in EIM solutions When using any software application, data is transferred from one place to another – email, internet browsing, saving a file to a network share. All of these processes require that bits get moved across a wire. And, yes, even if you implement a wireless network, those same bits are exposed. … Read more

Using workflows to improve Business Processes

Business processes are often not formalized to be repeatable, reportable, and auditable. Workflows exist to streamline business processes. Having a well-documented process allows process owners to identify all linkages, flows, and business rules, reduce inefficiencies and fix bottlenecks and issues. An ECM solution like OpenText Content Server can automate document-centric business processes and provide oversight … Read more

Advantages of having a Records Management System

Having a records management system in place has several benefits, including faster traceability and established regulatory compliance. Companies can ensure that their employees have complete and timely access to documentation in a cost-effective manner. The following are 10 benefits of establishing a records management program in your company: 1.      Control of Record Growth and Versioning … Read more