Enterprise Asset Management

While improved job performance is certainly desirable, Enterprise Asset Management solutions can deliver other benefits as well including:

  • Reduction in downtime – By having the real time ability in tracking equipment, repairs, scheduled maintenance, issues, and other relevant data, workers have a better understanding on the status of production and equipment fleets. Information and a proactive approach can prevent failures and greatly reduce downtime. Intelligent scheduling systems also allows preventative maintenance to be performed when it will be less likely to affect production. From proactively identifying potential issues before they manifest into work stoppage to ensuring adequate parts are in inventory for production, asset management software can significantly reduce downtime.

  • Reduction in maintenance costs – Routine maintenance is often performed when equipment is being serviced for a breakdown. By being able to make critical evaluations as to providing routine maintenance ahead of schedule, maintenance schedule are ble to can be adjusted which reduces redundant service and creates better efficiency in workload labor cost.

  • Improved regulatory compliance – Equipment subject to health, safety, or other regulations must be properly maintained and any applicable measures properly documented. Asset management software can help organizations comply with regulations and keep detailed records while integrating with other systems such as to ensure that workers are trained correctly, system diagrams and service procedures are reflective of actual production systems.

  • Improved inventory control – Inventory control features common in enterprise asset management solutions can alert purchasers when new stock must be ordered, allow materials to be reserved for upcoming production runs, track shipments, and detail the location of inventory and assets. Eliminating shortages and minimizing the amount of inventory that must be stored also reduces costs and downtime. Combined with the use of contract management solutions easiest management solutions allow companies to better negotiate terms based on usage or issues over the previous contract term.

  • Improved processes – Asset management solutions put information where it's needed most: in the hands of those who must use it. It can improve workflow and facilitate more efficient business processes.

  • Better reporting – Whether you need detailed reports for documentation purposes, for budgeting, for determining if it makes sense to repair or replace equipment, or to get a deeper understanding of your assets, asset management solutions with robust reporting features can quickly provide you with the information you seek. 


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