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Faced with heightened global competition, constant technological advances, large capital expenditures, increasingly strict regulations and high customer expectations, manufacturers in all sectors need more visibility into processes and improved information and knowledge sharing between business units, suppliers and customers. One such customer struggled to process large amounts of project design documentation and lacked a centralized repository for information, resulting in poor version control and inefficient employee collaboration. Further, they lacked an information governance strategy.


Working closely with the customer, Axyon Consulting helped establish an information governance strategy for managing, controlling and securing enterprise content. These principles were then applied within the implementation of an Enterprise Content Management system whereby the community of users, the types of information managed and the needed security permissions were identified and configured. Further, a Records Management strategy was defined and implemented establishing a compliance framework for information as it gets captured, classified, archived and ultimately destroyed in accordance with established records policies.


  • Increased productivity and compliance 
  • Improved security and access to information 
  • Improve searching and retrieving of business records 
  • Reduced risk 
  • Reduced duplication of documents and information silos 
  • Reduced volumes on shared drives and email servers