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The Mining industry faces the challenge of legislative and regulatory compliance while continuously reducing costs per tonne to improve margin and profitability. Regulatory records for land, water, and air quality must be maintained for compliance to licenses and permits, often requiring the capture and retention of thousands or millions of documents. Fixed assets often have several thousand engineering records that need to be managed to be kept up to date and secured from loss or unauthorized change.


By having documents and records stored in a centralized repository, the information becomes not only easier to manage due to reduced physical storage requirements, but records also become easier to locate and access. ECM not only serves as a centralized document system, but more importantly, it provides robust search and retrieval capabilities as well as version control and officiating official records management policies. 

Axyon first began by creating an information model designed to organize the storage of well files into logical units, making searching and retrieval of information simple and user-friendly. The files were organized using language and classifications previously utilized by the business. Additional information such as document type, date and barcode, was also recorded per each well file, to increase higher return rates on searching.


Axyon’s experience on enterprise content management (ECM) system and Records Management (RM) helped the client reduce the “time-to-market” as well as reduce “the technology risk”. 

Recent clients have seen significant improvements in how employees access records, and have achieved significant savings simply due to spending less time locating and mailing records by courier to the various locations in which they operate. 

They no longer have to rely upon personnel to search through boxes of physical records to locate that one record that is needed. Now users, regardless of their location, can log into the ECM solution and find the information immediately. The implementation effort ensured the client had a system in place that was operational and configured to their specific business processes. And we also went the extra mile to help the client with user adoption and change management and to help ensure the client capitalized upon their investment in the ECM system.