Oil and Gas


Axyon Consulting works with petroleum and natural gas companies through a host of services on managing the life-cycle of information. The oil and gas markets have seen tremendous growth over the years which have fueled the need to better manage information and documents electronically. Axyon has worked with many small, medium and large energy companies both upstream and downstream, to implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to better organize their information such as permits, land leases, seismic data, well files, regulatory information surrounding SOX and OSHA compliance and finally records management for managing designated information for a period of time.


The client needed a better means of organizing their paper records related to their wells, leases, and other properties. The client’s current process of requesting paper records and delivering them via courier service was slow, costly, and inefficient, and put the records at risk of loss or damage. The records were thus under-utilized due to the cumbersome method of sorting and retrieving paper files to find the necessary information.



Axyon worked with the customer to install and configure OpenText Livelink and created a well file management system to manage records electronically. Before moving documents into Livelink, Axyon utilized their oil and gas expertise to configure the system to the client’s specific needs:

  • Axyon first began by creating an information model designed to organize the storage of well files into logical units, making searching and retrieval of information simple and user friendly. The files were organized using language and classifications previously utilized by the business.

  • Additional information such as document type, date and barcode, was also recorded per each well file, to increase higher return rates on searching.

  • Integration with the clients existing directory service was a key component – allowing the client to manage users and groups in a single directory, for ease of adding and deleting users and permissions of the Livelink system.



The customer has seen significant improvements in how employees access records, and have achieved significant savings simply due to spending less time locating and mailing records by courier to the various locations in which they operate. The business no longer has to rely upon personnel to search through boxes of physical records to locate that one record that is needed. Now users, regardless of their location, can log into Livelink and find the information immediately.













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