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Exponential growth in email stores has raised the bar for Email Management solutions. Studies have found that 80% of companies use email as their primary form of communication for business critical information. As such, email is subject to rules and regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and US Federal Rules and Civil Procedures (FRCP). Email is the primary repository for electronic discovery requests (eDiscovery requests) in lawsuits.

Poorly managed email increases risk and potential liability. Organizations must retain vital email records or face fines for the illegal destruction of email and sanctions related to non-compliance. The costs associated with producing documents for litigation are directly related to volume. 

Many of our customers are faced with inadequate email storage and the need to be able to collect relevant emails, reduce unnecessary emails, and retain records according to all necessary laws and regulations.


Axyon Consulting implements email management solutions that archive email into a centralized system to securely store, manage and retrieve email content. The information can then be managed according to consistent record policies through a combination of foundational email archiving and advanced records management capabilities. Users can continue to work with email as they always have, retrieving archived messages from Microsoft Outlook with a single click.


  • Reduced storage costs by purging unimportant information in a timely manner 
  • Critical business info can be retrieved more quickly, improving efficiency and mitigating the risk and cost of litigation 
  • Regulatory and internal policy compliance 
  • Inexpensive secure storage for increasing email volume