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Utility organizations are frequently faced with the need to recover substantial operating costs through rate case filings. Rate case management requires quick turn-around time without sacrificing accuracy, making quick and easy access to content as well as robust internal review and audit trail mechanisms a must.


Working closely with our customers, Axyon Consulting has implemented numerous Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to streamline document-centric business processes surrounding rate case filings. By leveraging the document management, collaboration and workflow capabilities of enterprise-class software solutions, our customers are very quickly able to manage the life cycle of documents and records with ease and take advantage of powerful search, tracking, scanning, access and versioning control features from either a web browser or desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.


  • Comprehensive Rate Case Status and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Reporting for Stakeholders 
  • Centralized repository for the review and research of previous cases and interrogatories to: 
    • Leverage existing content to reduce filing time and meet deadlines 
    • Ensure accuracy of filings 
    • Leverage subject matter experts and collaboration across the organization 
    • Ensure Regulatory Compliance through robust audit trail mechanisms