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Why hire Axyon Consulting for your enterprise information management deployment?

At Axyon, our EIM Consultants help organizations ensure a successful deployment that meets their needs, is cost-effective, and is optimized for their organization. Our consultants provide expertise, customization, and training and support to ensure that your organization realizes the full value of its investment in an EIM system.


Our consultants have extensive experience in deploying ECM systems across a variety of industries and business sizes. We understand the complexities involved in designing, implementing, and maintaining a successful ECM system. We can help organizations navigate the different technologies and vendors available in the market and help identify the right solution for you organization’s needs. Additionally, our consultants can provide insights on ECM best practices, such as data governance, metadata management, and content lifecycle management.


By working with our consultants, organizations minimize the risk of costly mistakes that may arise from a poorly designed or implemented ECM system. Our consultants can you’re your organization prioritize the features that are most important to your business, and ensure that you are not investing in unnecessary features or functionality. We can also help organizations negotiate better contracts with ECM vendors and identify cost-saving opportunities throughout the deployment process.


Our consultants can help your organization tailor the system to your unique needs, including integration with other systems, such as CRM or ERP solutions with SAP, Oracle or Salesforce. We can help organizations design workflows and business rules that align with your organization’s business processes. We can also provide guidance on content migration from legacy systems, including metadata mapping, data cleansing, and data conversion.

Training and Support

Our training and support consultants can provide end-user training to ensure that your organization’s staff is comfortable with the new system and can use it effectively, maximizing your ROI. We can also provide ongoing support to address any issues that arise and help the organization optimize its use of the system over time. Our Compliance and Records Management consultants can also help organizations establish an ECM governance model that outlines roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, and metrics for measuring the system’s effectiveness.

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