Professional Consulting

Our dedicated team of consultants apply industry grade practices to streamlining our clients businesses and ensuring that introduction of IT systems is smooth and effective.

IT Business Analysis/Consulting: 

Understanding clients’ functional/technical requirements & business objectives is an essential element for ensuring success of a software project. Our consultants work in close collaboration with our clients from inception to assess their needs and goals. This allows us to fully understand the requirements and business objectives and then engineer a world-class software solution to help our clients succeed and maintain a strategic advantage.

Business Consulting: 

Businesses today are faced with global competition and rapidly changing internal and external factors. Therefore, it is essential for a business to maintain its position to ensure survival and growth. Axyon consultants understand the critical needs of today’s businesses and their respective industries. This helps us apply various industry best practices and techniques such as process optimization and process re-engineering to improve and grow our clients businesses and maximize return on investment.

Technology Consulting and Product Optimization: 

Organizations today need current solutions to ensure they are technologically advanced and innovative to maintain and improve upon their market position. Our certified technical consultants hold strong expertise and experience with the technologies and tools, we deploy. This allows us to provide maximum benefits and achieve a technological advantage for our clients’ business. We also maintain strategic partnerships with world-class solution providers such as OpenText, Oracle and Microsoft to provide state-of-the-art software products customized to suit our clients’ business needs.

Governance, Risk and Compliance: 

Axyon, in collaboration with its industry renowned partners, understand that an organization whether a financial institution or enterprise level production unit face various external requirements in terms of operation and execution. Our team is ready to cater to various forms of governance, along with enhancing institutions’ risk profiles and meeting relevant compliance requirements.